“You’re going to wish you had 3 hands …”

Kaitlyn Leeb 3 breasted woman from Total Recall

These 8 words confirmed that the 3 breasted prostitute from the original Total Recall is in the 2012 remake. Kaitlyn Leeb was sworn to secrecy on the role. likely no nipple would be shown in the 2012 movie because it is rated PG-13 while the original was Rated R.

A few Facts.

  1. All 3 breasts are fake . Which means that  Kaitlyn Leeb is incredibly flat chested.
  2. If I'm encountered with a 3 breasted woman, I won't need 3 hands, just my 2 hands and my open mouth would do.

Mary the original 3 breasted prostitute from the Total Recall

Total Recall 2012 Trailor

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