The Murder of Sherett James : Joel Dowdye Trial Date Set

So the trial of former officer Joel Dowdye had been set for February 26, 2007 for murdering Sherett James, his ex-girlfriend, and attempted murder Daren "Bogle" Stevens. Read the rest at the following link. Dowdye murder trial scheduled for Feb. 26

This trial should be interesting. What's interesting about it is that while incarcerated, Dowdye help destroy the case against Jamal and Akil Hart in the deaths of Tristan A. Charlier and Leon Roberts

Questions answered from the original post The Murder of Sherett James

  1. Did Sherett have a relationship with Joel Dowdy ? Yes. She was his Ex-Girlfriend
  2. Was this Relationship over and he not think it was ? Ask Dowdye
  3. If it wasn't over, was Sherett cheating on Joel ? All accounts say their relationship was over.
  4. If she was cheating , was her death the ultimate price for her infidelity ? She wasn't cheating .
  5. If Bogle recovers will he still be doing Entertainer's Voice ? Entertainer's Voice is back WSVI channel 8.
  6. If he doesn't live and dies , will they replace him and get a new host or hostess or will they cancel the show ? Well he lived and he's still doing the show.
  7. If he does recover and still do the show will he be coming back on St. Thomas ? He is one for the 2 main witnesses so he'll be back for the trial. I haven't watched the show since it came back on the air so i don't know if he came back as yet.
  8. If he does come back on St. Thomas , Will he be staying at the Bunk Hill Hotel ? I seriously doubt it. but you never know.
  9. Isn't it Fucked Up that the victim and the suspect are being held at the same medical facility ? Yes it was.
  10. Last but not least. How did Joel Dowdy Know that they were at the Bunk Hill Hotel together ? Still the biggest question I have.


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  1. (Also posted on Facebook)
    Randolph, being an Infernos member and also Sherette’s cousin, I will refrain from saying anything about this subject until the trial has terminated. But I will say that justice needs to be served and he needs to take responsiblity for his actions and STOP acting crazy. I can’t fathom how an individual is presumed to be “crazy” but sane enough to submit to the Daily News a report he had with another individual, hence, resolving another investigation regarding the murder of two tourists by Frenchtown. Someone PLEEEEEEASE help me to understand that situation !!!!!!

    1. I assume him being in the psyche ward is because he was a cop. anytime a cop goes shooting up the place they usually have him do a psychological evaluation. You know if it was a common man on the street I’d have my arraignment bright that Monday morning and being on the plane to St. Croix that afternoon or Tuesday morning the latest.
      I going to leave what Tai wrote on Facebook alone.

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