St. Thomas All Stars I

I finally got St. Thomas All Stars Steel Orchestra's Website up this week. I have been working on this site for more than a year on and off. Got the domain on Valentines Day and loaded the files up on the host Webair the next day. Site wasn't able to accessed until Thursday morning because Webair's dns server didn't update my account .

There are some stuff still need to be worked on .

  • Meta Tags
  • Officers Profiles
  • The History of Steel Pan
  • Validate the HTML source codes with the W3's Validator

Things I did Today for Site

  • Made sure the logo and the Table of contents are lined up each page.
  • Created Email addresses for the Officers of the band


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  1. If there’s anyone connected with the St. Thomas All-Stars -I’d like to know where I can get a copy of their Metamorphsis album, which I picked up in a shop in Charlotte Amalie in 2003 and was stolen out of my car last year. I’d really like to get another copy -so, if there’s anyone out there, drop me an email even if it’s only to say the album’s not available, or to recommend a shop to buy it, whatever…


    -Frank in Miami

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