Safari Protest 2 : New Fares

so the safari drives got their wish partially .

Dollar taxi fares

The new fare structure for "dollar taxis" operating as public transportation along a fixed route on St. Thomas is as follows:

$1 for

  • All senior citizens traveling to any point on the island.
  • All schoolchildren in school uniform going to and from school campuses.
  • Passengers traveling to any point in town between the University of the Virgin Islands and PriceSmart.
  • Passengers traveling from one point to another in the country.


  • Passengers traveling from the hospital to PriceSmart and beyond.
  • Passengers traveling from PriceSmart and beyond to anywhere in town.

The temporary $1 per passenger surcharge implemented June 1 does not apply to situations in which the taxi is performing the "dollar run."

Some Questions

Now that school is over what do school children pay ? do they pay the same price as everybody ? and how do safari drivers know what I should pay ? Say I get on at the sugar estate post office and then get off at market square east. I now I'm supposed to pay 2 dollars by the new rules but is the safari drive supposed to remember I got on the Post office and not at the Roy L. Schneider Hospital (which is about a block way and should only pay at dollar for the tip to market square east).

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