AT&T vs Sprint Data Speed St. Thomas VI

Just comparing and blogging about the data speeds with Sprint vs AT&T . Posts will probably look like shit until I fix them on a computer on Tuesday.

Phones :

Google Nexus 6P on Sprint

ZTE Maven 2 on AT&T

POSTs : 7am Saturday May 27, 2017

I Won the book The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street

The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street

I won this book for answering a question on some show on Lucky 13 1340 AM on June 23, 2014. I believe the show's name is Carrying the Torch" or something similar.   The question was "Who was the richest person in history?". Answer : Mansa Musa I of Mali.

I had to stop giving my girl a back massage and run outside to call the station.  This is the second or more likely technically 3rd  prize I've won from WSTA. In 2012 I won 2 raffle tickets. Those questions were about horse racing. Too bad we didn't win the raffle.

Live blogging Ms. BCB 2013

638: Quelbe demonstration.

619: Finally the contestants come out

609 : George finally came out. Told a joke about wiping the chicken grease off our mouths. Getting ready to sing the National Anthem and V.I. March.


606: show still ain't started and their light show blinding people

554: Lights finally off.
547 : VI things don't ever starts on time.

The booklet



2 Bills to Legalize Cannabis in The Virgin Islands


Posted on Senator Terrence "Positive" Nelson's Wall

Dear Facebook Family, on Monday August 13(St.Thomas) and Tuesday August 14, 2012(St. Croix) beginning at 6pm there will be Committee of the Whole hearings to discuss two bills. Bill 29-0349 - which is to allow a referendum on this election's ballot which asks the people of the VI if they are interested in having Medicinal Marijuana be legal here in the Territory, and Bill 29 - 0350 - which asks the question if the people of the VI are interested in allowing Industrial Hemp Industries in the Territory. The public is invited to attend. If you are interested in testifying call my office at 340-712-2210 or the Senate President's office.

I'll try to attend tomorrow. It should be interested. I wonder if i could get a USVI NORML shirt.

“You’re going to wish you had 3 hands …”

Kaitlyn Leeb 3 breasted woman from Total Recall

These 8 words confirmed that the 3 breasted prostitute from the original Total Recall is in the 2012 remake. Kaitlyn Leeb was sworn to secrecy on the role. likely no nipple would be shown in the 2012 movie because it is rated PG-13 while the original was Rated R.

A few Facts.

  1. All 3 breasts are fake . Which means that  Kaitlyn Leeb is incredibly flat chested.
  2. If I'm encountered with a 3 breasted woman, I won't need 3 hands, just my 2 hands and my open mouth would do.

Mary the original 3 breasted prostitute from the Total Recall

Total Recall 2012 Trailor