D. Psyko’s Observation II : Natural Hair

I've been noticing that there are more Black women walking around with their natural hair instead of it chemically straighten and damaged. Which as Martha would say "It's A Good Thing !! "

There a re a few reason I don't support the straightening of black women hair.

  1. light / dark skinned superiority / inferiority complex Light Skinned people are nearly automatically considered more beautifully than dark skinned people. This also lead to some dark skinned people bleaching their skinned to become lighter.
  2. It maintains that "European" features are desirable and wanted while "African" Feature should be shunned.This mentality first started back in slavery . Slaves Who Looked Less African were treated better than those who had more African features. This continues on today with Surgery to lessen Ethnic Face Features i.e to Narrow noses and/or make lips thinner
  3. ITS DAMN LYE YOUR PUTTING ON YOUR SCALP Yes I typed Lye also known as NaOH, Sodium Hydroxide, caustic soda, soda lye and Lewis red devil lye. Lye Is a caustic chemical that is to creator paper, textiles and detergents. It is the main ingredient in Drano® and other drain unclogging agents that breaks down hair, grease and what else that is unclogging your drain. It is also the main active ingredient in hair relaxers/perms that straightens your hair. The Straightening Process taking from "The Truth About Relaxers" by Sandy from Nappturality.com

    The hair has two bonds, a physical bond and a chemical bond, referred to as the S and H bonds. These bonds create the S-shaped kink or curl in African-American hair. Chemically processing the hair changes the molecular structure by breaking down these bonds... thereby damaging the hair. Once the bonds are broken, the hair loses its natural shape and elasticity, and can then be manually formed into straight hair. The changed S-shape bond can never be returned to its original healthy form. It has undergone a permanent change caused by chemical damage.


St. Thomas All Stars I

I finally got St. Thomas All Stars Steel Orchestra's Website up this week. I have been working on this site for more than a year on and off. Got the domain on Valentines Day and loaded the files up on the host Webair the next day. Site wasn't able to accessed until Thursday morning because Webair's dns server didn't update my account .

There are some stuff still need to be worked on .

  • Meta Tags
  • Officers Profiles
  • The History of Steel Pan
  • Validate the HTML source codes with the W3's Validator

Things I did Today for Site

  • Made sure the logo and the Table of contents are lined up each page.
  • Created Email addresses for the Officers of the band


D. Psyko’s Games I : Mercenaries : Playground of Destruction

Mercenaries - Playground of DestructionI bought myself a new game last night called Mercenaries : Playground of Destruction. This Game was made by Pandemic Studios and published by LucasArts.

Mercenaries is a free roaming action/adventure that takes place in North Korea. Gameplaywise it's very similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. You can jack any vehicle that you can get to this includes Humvees, tanks, helicopters, and civilian vehicles. You can basically destroy any and everything thing (except for trees for some strange reason) and all buildings.

Back Story : President Choi Kim of North Korea had started to embrace democracy, seek to end all hostilities and seek a peaceful reunification with South Korea. His son,a very displeased and angry General Choi Song, staged coup during the peace negotiations and killed all the North and South Korean diplomats including his father.

Choi Song he expelled all embassy staff and aid workers , cut off all communication from the outside world and barred entry to foreign press and weapons inspectors. Eventually the world's headlines turned to other crises. Rumors about secret nuclear weapons and test being conducted but nothing could be proved. That's until the Royal Australian Navy decided to rescue the crew of a North Korean freighter caught in a storm and noticed the crew was trying to destroy the ship. Aboard the ship the Aussies found that there were nuclear missiles that were headed for a company known to be a terrorist front. Within hours of the discovery, Chinese intelligence released a report revealing that North Korea's missile capability was much more advanced than suspected--the North Koreans now had intercontinental missiles powerful enough to hit targets on all seven continents.

So the A.N. (Allied Nations) invaded Korea trying to put a stop Song. They captured the launch site in Yongbyon and found that the Korea's have another undisclosed site launch site that will be ready to launch in about 3 weeks. After 2 weeks of wasted effort, the A.N. released the most wanted list in the form of 52 playing cards. Song was the "Ace of Spades". The Price on his Head ? 100 MILLION DOLLARS.

Your Objective : Capture or Kill Song and his Forces and destroy his WMD's



757,382,400 and counting

Yes I've been on the earth for over 757,382,400 seconds and its still counting. for those that are mathematically challenged , its 12623040 minutes, 210384 hours, 8766 days or 24 Years.

Yes today Thursday November 18th is my 24th birthday. 😀

So what did I get ?

  • From my grandmother I got 2 shirts,
  • From Sweet Juju I got a Slice Of Cake Free from a Cake sale she was running,
  • From Kween ah Spank I got pinched 4 times (even though she claimed that i was too thick to pinch)
  • and how can I forget my little sister trying to blind me.



731 Days

Today Makes it 731 Days since I last had a hair cut. if your wondering that's 2 years from Nov 15th, 2002 - Nov. 15th 2004. So those hos still don't like my hair my neighbors' dog is still waiting.

And No I don't plan on getting a hair cut any time soon .


D. Psyko’s Observation I : Police Women’s Ass

I've noticed that I've never seen a Police Woman or a female Marshal on St. Thomas with a flat or small ass in my life. I think I might have seen a small assed security officer , but they are not real law enforcement so they don't count, but most of them have some pretty big ass. There is especially that one female security officer in Tutu Park Mall, that can give my friend the "Kween ah Spank" a run for her money . So where they get it from ? Is it in their genes ? Is it there tight pants makes what they have look bigger.? Or was it their Rigorous Training? or is it a combination of all three ? Who knows ?