Mr. Gime My Money and the Safari Ride

Last night was the most unusual Safari ride home. I was supposed to go to Steel pan Practice but since we practice out side and it looked like it was going to rain hard, I decided to go home . So walked up to about Kirwin from UVI and catched a safari, with a double cab.

Some where about the area of Water Front near pizza hut, I heard a guy shouting " Ah want me money. Gime me money !" I don't think anyone in the back knew what was going on. So now by Veterans Drive bus stop we hear him shouting again and the driver was taking forever to move from the Bus Stop. That's when we realize that dem man was being serious.

So after a bout a minute or 2 we finally moved off (not before 2 Rastas jumped off and not paying cussing the driver) . When we got near the old Sewage Plant things escalated. Mr. Gime My Money decided that he was going to open the door of the vehicle (he was behind the driver) and leave it open. So now the driver either has to stop or drive and risk getting her door banged up or ripped off by a tree or rock that's on the side of the road. So they decided to eventually pull over. Now I'm thinking :

  1. These people really get some issues.
  2. All that cloud cover and NO rain I should jump off and go Practice. Or should i go home?

So the driver jumps out and tell everyone in the back what the was going on. The situation was Mr. Gime My Money said that he gave the The Driver, who was a Dark skinned woman Santo, a $20 bill to pay for his Safari Ride and she pulled off, not giving him his $19 change. Now the driver says that he never gave her a 20 but only a dollar. So that was what this whole issue was about. So now the Driver tries to buss' off but Mr. Gime My Money had done pick up a big rock saying that if the driver tried to move the safari he was going to break the glass. In the front , originally there was five people ,

  1. The Driver
  2. Mr. Gime My Money
  3. Some Guy sitting next to the driver (We'll call him BoyToy)
  4. & 5. Was a Couple - They ran to the back after Mr. Gime My Money proclaimed he was going to break a window.

Now BoyToy decided to get in the arguement with Mr. Gime My Money. As this was going now where, Boytoy decided he need to call the police. He didn't have a cell phone he asked to borrow one from one of us passengers. No one wanted to lend him theirs. But eventually the police was called.

The 1st cop to arrive was a plain clothes officer. The situation was explained to him. Afterwards he looked into the vehicle supposedly to search it. Which i thought he did a poor job of doing. A few minutes later an on-duty officer came by and the situation was explained yet AGAIN. It was decided to let the driver go because the plain clothes officer said he "searched" the vehicle and the driver and didnt find any 20 dollar bills among the money.

So we was finally allowed to leave. The last we saw of Mr. Gime My Money, he was pleading with the officers not to let us go because he wants his money and the cops telling him if he don't calm down he is going to spend the night in jail.The rest of the ride was eventless except that it finally started to rain after we reached over Raphune Hill.

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