Mathematician 4 Hire

A Friend ask me to "help" her with her take-home math exam. Because she was such a good friend i wasn't really going to charge her but she offered to pay so I took her money. So i was thinking what if i didn't know her what would I have charged her to do her math exam for her ?

D. Psyko's Payment Plan

  1. Payment Plan A
    • $20 - $25 a page.
      • A page consist of 1 side of a sheet .
      • A sheet that's has problems on both sides is considered as 2 pages.
      • 25% of what you owe me is due up front as a down payment
  2. Payment Plan B [Females only]
    • $15 - $20 + 2 Blow Jobs
      • 1 of the Blow Jobs is due immediately as an application fee. The other is due before I give you back the exam.
      • If I cum and you swallow both times you get a 1 page discount.
  3. Payment Plan C [Females only]
    • $15 - $20 + 1 Good Ride On My Dick
      • The Good Fuck is due as an application fee.
      • Once you riding the dick and I cum it is considered "good"

Down Payment and exams must be submitted at least 36 before the exam is due to get the cheap fare. Anything submitted with less than 36 hours you will have to pay the higher price. I'm Also willing do GateWay Quizzes at $10 a module. 100% guaranteed .

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