Last Week of Carnival 06

This is what I've been up to for the last Week of Carnival 2006.

Sunday April 23, 2006
Steelband Jamboree aka Pan 0 Rama
Went to See the St. Thomas All Stars play since I wasn't playing with them this year. So I ended up missing them play because they played first and I don't ever attend Pan O Rama early . Ended up leaving before the first have of the show ended. Waste of 3 dollars (1 to get there, 1 dollar for fries to get some change the fries wasn't even that good, a 1 dollar to catch the bus home) . The only redeeming thing was that I got to see Ms. PG4Life who gain a few pounds put still looking good.

Monday April 24, 2006
The Opening of the Village
All Stars was playing again. Since I missed them playing the day before I decided to watch them now. They sounded ok but was lacking in bass . LOL . This was the emptiest Village opening I had ever seen . One Radio announcer even said that to rampaging elephants could be fighting and not touch anybody. I heard people was boycotting the opening because the Virgin Islands Carnival Committee is full of Fuck. We all know if Friday didn't die the Carnival Village would not be named after him. The only believable person on the Stage was Wadablee.

Tuesday April 25, 2006
I had the shittings so I didn't went work early. I went All Stars practice so I could run some old tune to see if I could remember them for the food fair the next day.

Wednesday April 26, 2006
Food Fair
Went to play out late. Played a few songs. Was supposed to meet a class mate to help her with some math take home exam but either she didn't show or went early. Oh Well Sucks to be her.

Thursday April 27, 2006
Roas-A-Time aka Jouvert
I haven't been since 97 or so and I don't aint really looking to attend any time soon.

Friday April 28, 2006
Children's Parade
Spent the whole day working on the data base for my new Site VIBizOnline Took longer than expected with it and and it had some errors I could not figure out how to find much less how to correct.|

Saturday April 29, 2006
Adult's Parade
I didn't remember what I did on this day but I know I didn't went or watched the parade. All I could tell you wa that it was probably working on VIBizOnline

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