I don’t know what to name this post

I haven't been hear for a whole month. I know people like Ms. PG4Life keeps checking my blog every few days. So here's what happened since the last time I blogged.

  1. As of November 18th, 2005 I'm now a quarter century old. What did I get ? A card and 25 dollar money order from my father. YES that's it. Now I don't even know where the money order is to go cash it.
  2. Decided I might start to work on a new website. All I can say about it had to do with a philosophy of Marcus Garvey.
  3. Decided what I'll probably get myself for Christmas.
  4. On December 16 , 2005 I went to the 12th Annual Miracle on Main Street. Normally I would be playing Steel pan for this event but since I haven't been St. Thomas All Star's Steel pan practice since July I got to lime instead. I might be Limin's this carnival also . And Ms PG4Life don't be sending me any comments that I need to go back to practice.
  5. I passed that damn CSC 118 : Intro to Programing II : C++ with an 'A'. Bout Time

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  1. You are a bright young lad with a promising future. You’ve made us proud. We will continue to track your progress and success. A belated happy birthday greeting to you!

    Rev. Jarvis Gaske

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