Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!! yea I know I'm over a month late but who really gives a fuck ?!?

For those who are wondering I did buy my self some of those things I said I was getting myself for Christmas namely the coloring book, 96 count crayola crayons and the Shaggy Chia Head.

The Coloring book is a Disney Coloring book name "Good Vs. Evil". Featuring the good guys and bad guys on from various Disney cartoon movies. I'm keep saying I'm going to color in something one of these days but never did.

My Chia pet was going good for a week until I forgot to water it. So now it''s dead. Its a good thing to because it looked like Shaggy was going to have some big gaps in his head.

I never finished any of them games. I'm close to getting a 100% in Final Fantasy X-2, but one of the bosses in a secret dungeon is petrifying my characters when I'm supposed to be stone-proof.

School start. Still ain't buy no books.

Super Bowl XL was Sunday. Steelers won 21 - 10 over the Seahawks. The Half time show SUCKED more than Monica Lewinsky. The best commercial was about a sheep streaking in a football game being played by horses.

Still thinking of doing that new website. I'm probably going to do a similar one with steel pan, Warning ADULT Content ebony adult sites, and black businesses. Was planning to do one on strip clubs but check the competition and it didn't make sense going up on the competition. I still have a need for strippers in a unrelated project.


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