Daddy Friday

Nicholas 'Nick' Friday aka Daddy Friday aka The Franchise has died today about 5:00 today from complications from diabetes. Nick was the band leader, vocalist and composer for the popular Calypso group The Awesome Jam Band.

Today when I got out from class a little after 5 pm there was a commotion in the Teachers Education building.. It sounded like some old woman was bawling. Speculation was made about why this person was crying so loudly. Did they fall and hurt them self, did they find out that they wont be graduating from UVI till '07? What ?? Finally I heard rumors that the person (a man who everybody who didn't saw him thought he sounded like and older woman) was crying because "their campaign manager had died". I was like if that person was running for senate next year i defiantly wasn't getting my vote. 2 hours later as I was on my way to my to buss a piss, I saw MD who wanted me to take a picture of her with my new cam. Just before i took the picture she ask me if i heard the news that Friday had died from "sugar". I was like wow. Now that campaign manager stuff had made sense. the "ma" who was crying was Friday's campaign manager when Friday had run unsuccessfully for the Virgin Islands' senate in 2002 and 2004 .

So now that Friday is Dead:

  • Who is going to run Jam Band ?
  • Will they Break apart as the rumors from the past say they would ?
  • Is there Any doubt in anyone's mind that the Road March Song for Carnival 2006 will be about Nick Friday ?
  • Will a Carnival Village be named after him ? He did Win 20 Road Marches. Which Nobody in the past had done or come remotely close to doing.

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