D. Psyko’s Observation II : Natural Hair

I've been noticing that there are more Black women walking around with their natural hair instead of it chemically straighten and damaged. Which as Martha would say "It's A Good Thing !! "

There a re a few reason I don't support the straightening of black women hair.

  1. light / dark skinned superiority / inferiority complex Light Skinned people are nearly automatically considered more beautifully than dark skinned people. This also lead to some dark skinned people bleaching their skinned to become lighter.
  2. It maintains that "European" features are desirable and wanted while "African" Feature should be shunned.This mentality first started back in slavery . Slaves Who Looked Less African were treated better than those who had more African features. This continues on today with Surgery to lessen Ethnic Face Features i.e to Narrow noses and/or make lips thinner
  3. ITS DAMN LYE YOUR PUTTING ON YOUR SCALP Yes I typed Lye also known as NaOH, Sodium Hydroxide, caustic soda, soda lye and Lewis red devil lye. Lye Is a caustic chemical that is to creator paper, textiles and detergents. It is the main ingredient in Drano® and other drain unclogging agents that breaks down hair, grease and what else that is unclogging your drain. It is also the main active ingredient in hair relaxers/perms that straightens your hair. The Straightening Process taking from "The Truth About Relaxers" by Sandy from Nappturality.com

    The hair has two bonds, a physical bond and a chemical bond, referred to as the S and H bonds. These bonds create the S-shaped kink or curl in African-American hair. Chemically processing the hair changes the molecular structure by breaking down these bonds... thereby damaging the hair. Once the bonds are broken, the hair loses its natural shape and elasticity, and can then be manually formed into straight hair. The changed S-shape bond can never be returned to its original healthy form. It has undergone a permanent change caused by chemical damage.


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    1. yea No-Lye Relaxers uses Guanidine Hydroxide, which is a combination of calcium hydroxide cream with guanidine carbonate “activator” solution.
      One of the uses of Calcium Hydroxide is leather tanning to remove hair from hides.

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