D. Psyko Dot Net : Easter Weekend 2005

It's been Been a while since I updated this blog. I made a few changes to the site over the Easter weekend.

  • Added 2 new pages. Resume and Pictures. Both Pages are still blank.
  • Deleted 2 pages. P-d Connection and UWS . Both were under the projection section
  • Moved the Ultimate Woman Survey (UWS) to The WebSites page.
  • Reformatted the external Links so I can know where people are clicking.
  • Updated the navigational graphics. had to do them after compressing them to much.
  • Added a Donation Link. The donation is for the "Build Ragga 3 Fund"
  • Created new images for the websites pages for the websites /web pages I've done(or the websites I'll freely admit I've done)
  • Added a picture of Ragga 2

There's Probably more but I can't remember right now. I'll add them if I do I'm off to redo all the pages using XHTML and CSS.


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