2 Bills to Legalize Cannabis in The Virgin Islands


Posted on Senator Terrence "Positive" Nelson's Wall

Dear Facebook Family, on Monday August 13(St.Thomas) and Tuesday August 14, 2012(St. Croix) beginning at 6pm there will be Committee of the Whole hearings to discuss two bills. Bill 29-0349 - which is to allow a referendum on this election's ballot which asks the people of the VI if they are interested in having Medicinal Marijuana be legal here in the Territory, and Bill 29 - 0350 - which asks the question if the people of the VI are interested in allowing Industrial Hemp Industries in the Territory. The public is invited to attend. If you are interested in testifying call my office at 340-712-2210 or the Senate President's office.

I'll try to attend tomorrow. It should be interested. I wonder if i could get a USVI NORML shirt.

Rats at Vendor’s Plaza

No, this is not about Gov. DeJongh or the V.I. Legislature Senators but real rats running around in Vendor's Plaza. A few years ago a government agency tried to get of the feral chickens running around down town. they should be working on eradicating these rats from living and breeding next to a tourist attraction.

Yes, I was bored when I took the video.

Virgin Islands’ Stupidest Criminals I

Man leaves bag of stolen items behind in victim's house

ST. THOMAS - A man was arrested in connection with a home burglary after he left a bag with the stolen items inside the house and asked the victim if he could go back inside to retrieve it.

Morgan Richards, 18, was arrested at 12:30 p.m. Monday and charged with third-degree burglary, attempted grand larceny and destruction of property. He was advised of his rights Tuesday.

According to court records, a Smith Bay resident returned to his home to find a window shattered and bent. The victim saw the suspect on the property and asked him what he was doing there, police said. The suspect said he was just passing through, but he later admitted to breaking into the residence by saying, "It was me, and I forgot my black bag inside the house," according to the court file.

Police said the suspect asked the victim if he could go back inside and get the bag, and the victim said yes. When the suspect got onto the front porch, the victim detained him and called 911.

When police arrived on the scene they found that the inside of the house had been ransacked, and they recovered the black bag, which was filled with stolen items from the family, including jewelry, documents, a camera and other electronics.

V.I. Superior Court Magistrate Judge Alan Smith found probable cause to charge Richards Tuesday and released him on a $2,500 unsecured bond Tuesday.

Richards is scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 17.

(bold print was added by me)

When I read this article I couldn't do anything but SMH and LOL. But seriously who the hell does this ?? Back in the day he would have been beaten with a bullbud.


UVI Bomb Scare

So today UVI had a little bomb scare with a suitcase being left on the wooden benches since Saturday. Turn out the suitcase was full of clothes. The precaution was taken because the person who it belong to seem to have been out of it and gave conflicting  reasons as why the suitcase was there. Pics of the suitcase are below.

The Murder of Sherett James : Joel Dowdye Trial Date Set

So the trial of former officer Joel Dowdye had been set for February 26, 2007 for murdering Sherett James, his ex-girlfriend, and attempted murder Daren "Bogle" Stevens. Read the rest at the following link. Dowdye murder trial scheduled for Feb. 26

This trial should be interesting. What's interesting about it is that while incarcerated, Dowdye help destroy the case against Jamal and Akil Hart in the deaths of Tristan A. Charlier and Leon Roberts

Questions answered from the original post The Murder of Sherett James

  1. Did Sherett have a relationship with Joel Dowdy ? Yes. She was his Ex-Girlfriend
  2. Was this Relationship over and he not think it was ? Ask Dowdye
  3. If it wasn't over, was Sherett cheating on Joel ? All accounts say their relationship was over.
  4. If she was cheating , was her death the ultimate price for her infidelity ? She wasn't cheating .
  5. If Bogle recovers will he still be doing Entertainer's Voice ? Entertainer's Voice is back WSVI channel 8.
  6. If he doesn't live and dies , will they replace him and get a new host or hostess or will they cancel the show ? Well he lived and he's still doing the show.
  7. If he does recover and still do the show will he be coming back on St. Thomas ? He is one for the 2 main witnesses so he'll be back for the trial. I haven't watched the show since it came back on the air so i don't know if he came back as yet.
  8. If he does come back on St. Thomas , Will he be staying at the Bunk Hill Hotel ? I seriously doubt it. but you never know.
  9. Isn't it Fucked Up that the victim and the suspect are being held at the same medical facility ? Yes it was.
  10. Last but not least. How did Joel Dowdy Know that they were at the Bunk Hill Hotel together ? Still the biggest question I have.


CAHS Porn 3: The Final Word & Totse

This will mostly likely be the final word I'll write on this video. That's until I see the video posted on a site like YouTube. So the Video was finally described as Inappropriate not "Porn" Officials label CAHS sex video as 'inappropriate,' not criminal

The Original Story has been posted all of the net. I've seen it an blogs, News Sites, and a Couple Forums, I even someone from Norway add me to his MSN Messenger to ask me if I have the video. . One Notable website is Totse. Seems like a user named Janok posted in this topic called Two people in my school made a porno... IN SCHOOL

ok, so basically there was a cell phone clip going around the school of one of my friends making out with and fingering a girl. (in class) The thing about it was that the phone that recorded it had bluetooth... the recording was sent to EVERYONE. the entire school saw it, not to mention the rest of the community. the school was so confused on how to deal with it, being that it's kiddie porn since they were only 17... thats why its so much trouble. the cops showed up at school and started checkin phones. can anyone top this?

Seems innocent enough ? Well Janok committed a mortal sin, he didn't post the video or a link to it. What follows next is a basically a virtual lynching with one member, to lazy to look up the person name if I do find it I'll edit their user name here, calling for a petition to have him banned from the site. He's lucky they don't fry people for that. So this goes on for another 4 pages or so until Ganja.Guru post

You are all stupid. http://www.dpsyko.net/blog.html
Janok fails at life, huffraid.

This post has lead to the most page views my site have ever seen in a day. The search term "cahs porn" is by far the most popular search link to this site, even more than the search for Divas DD Plus . Seems like the topic has been closed and is scheduled for deletion.

CAHS Porn 2 : The Virgin Islands Daily News Full of Fuck

I got to watch this so Called porn video called "CAHS Porn". All i can say is that The Virgin islands Daily News is full of fuck and needs to stop blowing shit out of proportions. As the St. Thomas Source said in the article "Three Students Suspended for Making 'Inappropriate' Video in Class", some unnamed official said "saying the video did not contain nudity and was little more than students kissing" while in the Daily News it was that she was "straddling a boy at a school desk with her legs spread in the air. The sexual activity between the pair is visible in the video from several angles." Since when is Kissing Porn ?

CAHS principal Jeanette Smith-Barry did not make a public statement Thursday. When The Daily News asked her what actions administrators had taken, she invited the reporter into her office and upbraided her for reporting about the video.

I give Ms. Smith no wrong. This is at least second time that she had to defend against the newspaper for not getting their facts straight about mis-reporting. This reminds me of the alleged gang raped that happen in CAHS back in 95. When it was really a group of guys and their girls went over to Lockhart Elemetary to fuck on the school and got caught.