Nothing much happened today.A white Woman say that I have a great voice and needs to consider being in broadcasting. She said this after a #2 combo (3 pieces of Chicken and side order and a 16 oz drink) from The KFC in Fort Mylner Shopping Center.

I never thought about being in broadcasting because i never really thought i had the voice for it. I have to record my voice and see how it sounds to other people. (The voice you hear when you talk is not the same voice people here when the hear you . the voice they hear is only from your vocal chords , the voice you here is a combination of what comes out your mouth and the vibration of your head that your ears picks up)

Bought me a used game "Jak II" which is the sequel to "Jak and Daxter" I haven't played it much. Just started playing "Mercenaries" again after playing "Defender " for about a week and a half.

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