Black Recruited to the Army Decreasing

Article 1 : Analysis: Study shows 41% drop in number of black Army recruits since 2000
Article 2 : Young Blacks, Females Saying No to Army

According to these to articles blacks joining the army has fallen "from 23.5 percent of recruits in fiscal 2000 down steadily to 13.9 percent in the first four months of fiscal 2005."I personally think that's a good thing. No more Young blacks going to fight in Desert Storm 2 : Free Iraq's Oil. I Never Believed that Saddam was a threat nor did I believe that the WMD's existed in Iraq ( the WMD resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but that another story.)

I definitely won't be going to fight this "illegal occupation of a foreign country" even if they call a draft ( I'll flee to another country and cut my trigger finger off if I have to.Further more as a Citizen of the United States Virgin Islands , I can't vote for President, even though I was born as an US Citizen ( nor can citizen of Guam , Puerto Rico, American Samoa and any other US Possessions.) One of the reason that people are declining is the fear of combat, being killed, killing someone, or being captured or tortured. And who can blame them ?!?!?! Many of the blacks and Hispanics they are trying to recruit if they want to see combat all they have to do is look out the window. Since we're talking about combat below is a little story that happened to me back in high school .

The Marines tried to recruit me when I was a senior in high school back in 98 or 99. I believe it was 98 because I think I was till 17 then. While I was talking to the recruiter, he tried to convince me to join the Marines over any of the other Armed Forces. One of his "selling" points was this" the Marines was the 1st to see combat." They go to an area undercover first to get it ready for when the army invades. He kept on saying d this over and over a couple of times like that was something I join for. While I'm thinking "This Mother Fucker got to be Crazy to think I want to be the 1st to see combat. " I gladly declined the offer and never looked again to join any military force. about 2 years later my brother called me the same day the USS Cole was bombed and told me never to join the military (He is in the Air Force)

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