Bin Laden Dead ?

So they killed Osama (so they say)
My thoughts before u go sleep

Not really happy he was killed.   I had the same sadness when the uni-bomber was caught and Saddam was fought and hanged
I would have been more impressed if they had brought him alive

2. Still didn't believe that his group was totally alone in the 9/11 plot.

3. If Obama really did wait for Celebrity Apprentice to be on and popping for him to make the announcement that's a big either fucking "Fuck You" to Trump .

4. what would be the birthers and republican response to this ?  it should be interesting.

. Wonder what the price on the
barrel of oil will be this week ?

Legalize Cannabis ( had to throw that in there if I talking about the price of petroleum )

I won't dare to think cause Osama gone that Al qeuda dead too.

Khadafi probably shitting in his boots right now

This war has probably just begun


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