Arrested for What ? 2: The Answers

If you was walking down the street and saw a police car with me in it, what would you think i got arrested for ? The answers and my comments to them are below

For taking to long to drink a damn beer - J. Gittens
He Brought me a Heineken one of the nastiest things I ever tasted. Froze it that night and drank it a few days later. It taste what I expect piss would taste like.

Cutting someone up into pieces and burying them in your backyard - M. Kamara
Comment by my own Sister.

For killing Bowser!!!!! - C. Freeland
Sorry, sounds believable to - T. Hyndman
They may have been influenced on My FaceBook status at the time.

Assaulting Tina with a keyboard 🙂 Delayed Justice... M. Thomas
NO Comment.

...for squeezing random breast in the goverment streets!!! -
T. Harley I know I'm a self proclaim breast man but on the streets just like that nah.

Illegal porn sites - R. Felicien
NO Idea what he Talking about.

Bombing IT!!!!!! - T. Hodge
Interesting enough there was a bomb scare a few days after she said this. NO it wasn't me who did it.

If you are in the police car, that don't mean you got arrested. It could mean you flip the script and gone 5-0 on me. I would simply ask you to run a check on a particular license plate and tell me whose name is on the! - J. Forbes
Me a Five - O ? nah. But i wonder who car registration she would want me to look up ?

hacking the gov't computer - K. Martin

Grabbing the wrong big breast. - P. Holcomb Second quote about breasts.

stalking - D. Petersen I wonder if it is Isha Irene Hodge he talking bout ?
embezzlement - N. Motilewa

Ganja 🙂 - D.Samuel-Brown
high grade - B. Foster
marijuana - M. Augustine
3 comments about Marijuana.

Probably for fondling some titties. 😛 - M. Smith
Another Comment about Titties. SMH
wwb [walking while black] L. Dalmida
Yes on St. Thomas.

.and i would say u got arrested for mouting out the police - C. Scotland-Brooks
How Me ? Probably if the told me something stupid about weed.

possessing weed or hacking a PC - K. Bellot
Another comment about weed. I think I'm becoming a Cannabis Activist and my friends seem to notice it.

yea i would think they feel sorry for ur ass walking - S. King-Pickering
Yes I'm a pedestrian
Do you really need to me to comment on this? lol - J. Harley
The Most BITCH ASSNESS Answer. If I didn't want an answer I wont have asked Jacques.

sexual assault - S. Richardson
Her Reason : I always have some sexual status name on MSN Messenger.

bad hair!! - Anonymous from Facebook Honesty box

By the fashion police... - Anonymous from Facebook Honesty box

I Believe that this is the same person send these two answers. She Love me[friend love not love love] and she lovethat I'm an individualist. I guess that should be the first answer to my next question : What do you most love and hate about me.


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