All Stars Beach Party

Sunday was the St. Thomas All Stars Steel Orchestra's beach Party at Magans Bay. Highlights of the day

    1. I was Ready to go to the beach for 9 or 10, but my ride Shanee said she was going for 12:30 or 1:00
    2. Called Shanee at 12:30 asking her if she ready. Said she'll be read for 1 :15. Didn't believe her, so I told her that I was going to the store and then I'll walk to toward her house .
    3. Went to Home Town convenience store and bought me 2 slices of pizza and some pringles.
    4. Started Walking to Shanee's House which happens to be about 3 miles away from me.
    5. Half way to Shanee's House a crazy iguana ran out of the bush in front of me did a 360 in the road then ran back in the bush . Up ahead I saw 2 other running away from me.
    6. 3/4ths the way to Shanee's house saw some Goats in yard. Tried to feed some by throwing some grass to them . They ran away.
    7. Reached Shanee's house about 1:18. Her brother was warming up her car for her . She Still wasn't ready .
    8. Shanee' finally was ready sometime after 1:35 . Found out later her mother was bothering her because she "MADE" me walked to their house. Didn't think she would have been ready till 1:45 or or 2 o'clock if didn't.
    9. We got to the beach about about 2:oo . Partly because Shanee decide that the shortest route to her house was too bumpy for her car, and because it had a line to enter the beach .
    10. Found the rest of the crew which was about 10 people at the time.
    11. "Presto" started cracking on Jokes on Shanee' because she is wearing both LIPSTICK and SHOES WITH HEELS to the beach.
    12. "Sifu" took some pics and then I went to eat some food.
    13. "Sifu" brought some (sugar) Cane Rum and I ( a person who don't drink alcohol ) decided to "try" a taste . WHOAAAA . Those who tasted cane rum before know what i talking about.
    14. Shanee and Ayesha decided that they was going to change so they can go into the water. I decided i was going to lie down under a see grape tree.
    15. Finally after an half hour later the ladies finally emerge from changing their clothes. Why they took so long ? Who knows they were probably chatting mêlée.

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