2 Bills to Legalize Cannabis in The Virgin Islands


Posted on Senator Terrence "Positive" Nelson's Wall

Dear Facebook Family, on Monday August 13(St.Thomas) and Tuesday August 14, 2012(St. Croix) beginning at 6pm there will be Committee of the Whole hearings to discuss two bills. Bill 29-0349 - which is to allow a referendum on this election's ballot which asks the people of the VI if they are interested in having Medicinal Marijuana be legal here in the Territory, and Bill 29 - 0350 - which asks the question if the people of the VI are interested in allowing Industrial Hemp Industries in the Territory. The public is invited to attend. If you are interested in testifying call my office at 340-712-2210 or the Senate President's office.

I'll try to attend tomorrow. It should be interested. I wonder if i could get a USVI NORML shirt.

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